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List of Popular Phrases that Include Color | Colorful Phrases and Their Meaning | Messages & Meanings

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  • Out of the blue: unexpected
  • True blue: to be loyal or faithful
  • Blue ribbon: first place; to describe something as being of the highest quality
  • Blue law: laws about morality issues
  • Blue comedy: jokes about socially taboo subjects
  • Blueprint: a detailed design of an object or idea
  • Blue plate special: a special priced meal at a restaurant
  • Bluestocking: a woman with strong scholarly interests
  • Feeling blue: to feel sad or unhappy
  • Get the green light: get approval to move ahead or proceed with a project or task
  • Green corn: the young, tender ears of Indian corn
  • Green thumb (US) or Green fingers (UK): an unusual ability to make plants grow
  • Green room: a room (in a theater or studio) where performers can relax before or after appearances
  • Greenback: a legal-tender note issued by the United States government
  • Greener pastures: something newer or better (or perceived to be better), such as a new job
  • Greenhorn: novice, trainee, beginner See why
  • Green around the gills: marked by a pale, sickly, or nauseated appearance
  • Turn green: to look pale and ill as if you are going to vomit
  • Going green: when someone or something makes changes to help protect the environment, or reduces waste or pollution
  • Yellowbellied: a cowardly manner
  • Yellow fever: a disease involving high fever and jaundice that is common in the tropics
  • Yellow jack: a flag flown on a vessel to show that it is under quarantine
  • Yellowdog contract: a contract which denies a person the right to join a worker's union
  • Yellow journalism: newspaper articles thought to be sensationalized in order to sell more papers Why yellow?
  • Brown sugar: partially refined sugar
  • Brown bagging: to bring a homemade packed lunch to work
  • Brownstone: a building made out of dark colored sandstone
  • In a brown study: describing someone as being in deep thought
  • Gray market: the business of buying or selling items that are priced below what has been regulated
  • Gray mood: an unhappy mood
  • Gray area: caught between two differing views
  • Red carpet treatment: giving privileged treatment to an important person
  • Caught red-handed: clearly guilty
  • Red in the face: to become embarrassed
  • Seeing red: to be angered
  • Red flag: a warning of danger
  • Not worth a red cent: having no value
  • In the red: a term to describe an economic loss
  • Tickled pink: to be happy
  • Pinking shears: scissors with serrated blades
  • A pink elephant: term to describe hallucinations during intoxication
  • Pinkie finger: the smallest finger on the human hand
  • Pink slip: notice that employment is ending
  • Pink collar: refers to a particular class of jobs once only filled by women
  • Purple prose: an elabrorately written poem or paragraph in liteature
  • Purple heart: a medal awarded to a US soldier wounded in battle
  • Born to the purple: a person who is born into a noble or royal family
  • Lay it out in lavendar: very cool, relaxed, and in control
  • White Christmas: the appearance of snow on Christmas day
  • White elephant: a possession that no longer holds value for its owner See why
  • White flag: the signal of a peaceful surrender
  • White goods: a description of household items, such as linens, towels, and appliances
  • White hot: extreme manner of intensity
  • White sauce: a sauce made from stock, butter, flour and seasonings
  • White feather: a symbol of cowardness
  • Black comedy: creating comedy out of a tragic event or situation
  • Black coffee: coffee without milk
  • Black belt: the highest awarded belt in the martial arts
  • Blackball: voting against someone in a secret manner to prevent them from becoming a member of a club
  • Blackmail: to demand payment or action by means of a threat
  • Black sheep: a bad character in an otherwise respectable group
  • Black day: a bad day; often used before the name of a paticular day to symbolize a tragic event, such as black Tuesday or black Friday.

Please note that while the terms above illustrate how black has historically been used in language, equating black to negativity is outmoded and using these terms could be hurtful.  Like color, language is a powerful tool, so please always choose your colors and words wisely. Popular phrases that include color and their meaning, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, purple, pink, brown, black, gray, white

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